by trash expert, Maggie Mull


I think its time that I provided official instructions for submission of thine doppelthingers. Since I’ve yet to figure out how to use the blog itself as a submisison platform, we are going to do this the old-fashioned way. Thats right: pants weren’t invented yet, so take those “pee-pee prisons” off now. Thank ye.

1) Find your doppelthinger, stalk it and kill it with lye. Take a fun and amusing photo!

2) Send that photo to and include therein your concept idea, your name, and anything else you may want the crazies of the internet world to know about your personal life and failing dignity.

3) Await fame! Or possible shunning if you live in an Amish community or my childhood home.

4) I will email you when your doppelthinger goes live.

5) Send the URL to EVERYBODY you know, especially publishers and people who have yet to finalize their will or testament. Also: vulnerable people, and people looking for “casual encounters.”

6) Everybody wins!